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Premium is a monthly subscription paid by the group organizer, but there is no charge unless the group runs a challenge with more than 10 challengers. Cancel at any time. It’s the best deal in wellness.

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Price Estimator

Payments are made at the end of each month based on the number of challenge participants, and the number of challenge days in that month. You pay only for what you use. To estimate your fees, choose your challenge type, and set the likely size and duration.

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Really, it’s the best deal in wellness.

Who is it for?

Premium is great for groups of ten or more, whether they want to run a one time "event" challenge or a program of recurring challenges, i.e. monthly, quarterly, or annually. It’s also great for groups who know they want to run ONE challenge, but they are not sure if they will do more.

I want to do a single challenge, why do I need to “subscribe?“

When you turn on Premium, you pay nothing up front, and there is no silent monthly fee when you’re not using the service. You ONLY pay when you run a challenge, and only if the challenge has more than ten people. You can “cancel“ at any time, but, again, you don’t pay if you don’t use it!

What do you mean I pay after the fact?

Every month, Count.It keeps track of how many people are in a Premium group's challenge(s). After the first 10 participants, we charge $0.10 per person per day of the challenge, plus a flat fee of $9.90. The total is billed at the end of the month. It's called "metered pricing," and it means you only pay for what you actually use.

Why not charge people up front, or a flat monthly fee?

Having worked with many customers, we’ve learned a few things: Most groups don’t know how many people will actually join their challenges, and they also don’t know how often they want to run a challenge. Instead of forcing groups to predict these things in advance, and then pay for unused “seats“ or unused months, we came up with a better solution: Charge based on actual usage, after the fact! If there’s no usage at the end of any given month, there’s no charge. Simple and fair!

For all the gory details on Premium, please see here.