Why so cool?

The new Count.It app is built with love and with the benefit of nearly a decade of market experience. Here are four reasons why everyone thinks the app is so cool....



Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Pinch out to zoom in! Goodbye boring leaderboard; hello zoomable path allowing groups of any size to move together on a virtual journey.

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Engagement "R" Us

When you see someone pass you, do you cheer for them, express your rage, or simply roll your eyes? How about all three? Count.It supports the full range of human emotions.

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Level Up for the Win

A great challenge celebrates the small victories, and provides postive feedback just when a person might need a nudge. We're not afraid to throw a little confetti at the problem.

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Sweet Sync'ing

Built from scratch for sync speed, Count.It "background syncs" with Apple Health and Google Fit, and lets users prompt an instant sync at any time.

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